Short Story: Hiding from a Monday will not save you.

Was experimenting with writing in a style similar to Welcome to Nightvale. Enjoy.

Hiding from a Monday will not save you. It will just slowly devour all those around you and make you listen to their despair until it gets to you…

Your only chance is to wound it emotionally. Tell it that no one will ever love a Monday as they do it’s beneficient cousin, Friday.

While it is dazed, strike quickly and true. One would think to go for the barbed tail, but that is a distraction and not as dangerous as it looks. What of the jagged talons upon it’s 11 boneless legs? Dangerous but not as dire as the face. If it exhales upon you, well, you’ll have wished for the claws instead.

You must sever the head, digging whatever implement you can find in between the chitinous plates surrounding the back of it’s neck and horns. Once the head is removed, stab the base of the barbed tail to kill the second brain before it has time to react.

If you fail in this, you will die as you were always fated to. Alone. And on a Monday.


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